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Charity Letter Hannah Holidays

13th December 2015

To everyone at the Lodge of Friendship No. 928

A huge, huge thank you for your very kind donation of £500.00 which Colin and Kevin came along and received recently.  They really enjoyed their evening meeting and chatting with you all, you made them very welcome.

This amount will go towards sponsoring 2 sick children and their family a very well earned FREE break away from hospitals at one of our holiday homes, and purchase some new toys and games for them to use whilst enjoying their break.

To date we have supported over 555 families and this year alone we have helped over 125 sick children and their families. The thank you letters and pictures we receive really do go to show, that it really does make such a difference to their lives to have some fun, quality time back in their lives, but of course we couldn’t do it without your support and for this we are truly are grateful.

To be able to put smiles back on these children’s faces, who have already suffered so much is priceless and makes everyone’s generosity so gratefully received and everyone’s hard work worthwhile.

March saw the opening of our THIRD holiday home, an 8 berth luxurious lodge over at Milford on Sea.

We have bookings coming in already for next year, so another busy fundraising year coming up, but very worthwhile when we can help so many children

It is sometimes impossible to know how to begin our thank you letters as any words we choose will never be sufficient enough to convey our utmost gratitude for your kindness and generosity but we truly are so grateful.

Please keep in touch and you can keep up to date with our progress via our website which is regularly updated at  HYPERLINK “http://www.hannahsappeal.org” www.hannahsappeal.org.  We post our forthcoming events on there and lots of pictures and letters from families who the charity have helped.

Many, many thanks again, and best wishes to you and your families wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and New Year

Kind regards

Everyone at Hannah’s Holiday Home Appeal xx

Registered Charity Number 1124750 – Registered Address: 12 Nightjar Close, Horndean, Hants PO8 9YU

Tel: 023 92570810  or 07790349876 – Email:  HYPERLINK “mailto:pam@hannahsappeal.orgpam@hannahsappeal.org


Charity Newsletter No. 12


APRIL 2016

Dear Brethren,

May I take this opportunity to congratulate you on the Lodge achieving the Festival Gold honorific.  This was done with the Provincial allocation of £47.51 per subscribing Lodge Member as at 01/01/2010. At this time Lodge of Friendship had a membership of 33 Brethren.

October will see us celebrating the end of our Festival to the RMTGB, with a Festival Celebration on the 22nd October at the Bournemouth International Centre. Details can be found on the Provincial website http://www.hiowmason.org/2016-festival-dinner/ . This will be the last specific Masonic Charity, as the next Festival will be for the Masonic Grand Charity.  This should prove to be a great night, and places are still available.

We still have our skittles night which is in support of the RMTGB but I do not think we will raise £7ks + to achieve Platinum!

Our next task is to continue the habit of donating to charity. Those who have completed their Regular donations to the RMTGB might like to continue by placing your donation into the Relief Chest. This is where we keep our donations, with a good rate of interest, for other worthy Masonic and non-Masonic causes. I do have the required forms for those wishing to make regular donations.

Once again thank you Brethren for your support and congratulations on your achievement.

Neville Wright

Charity Steward

Lodge of Friendship No.928

Charity Newsletter No. 11

Charity News Letter No. 11

February 2016

Dear Brethren

At our December meeting we donated £1350.00 to local Charities and a further £1500.00 to the RMTGB. For such a small Lodge that is really brilliant, thank you all for your support.

The next piece of news is that we now only need £1411.58 to reach our Gold certificate which a couple of years back we were only looking to obtain our Silver!

The Festival closes on the 22nd October 2016 and a special Celebration Event is being held to mark the end of Festival at Bournemouth International Centre on Saturday, 22nd October to which all Brethren and their Wives/Partners are invited.   Details of the event and how to  book will be published within the next two weeks and reservations will be made on a first come-first served basis given that the numbers are limited to 1000.

We have two social fund nights at Windsor Road Masonic Centre. The first is a Quiz Night with a Fish and Chip Supper on the 19th March with the proceeds going to the RMTGB. The next is a Skittles Match between our Lodge and St Peters Lodge, the date is still to be finalised but we hope to hold it on the 23rd April 2016 – more details to follow.

Any Brother who wishes to carry on saving for the next charity can do so through the Grand Charity Relief Chest, please let me know and I will give you the Relief Chest form.

Once again may I thank you all for your support to the RMTGB over the past years.

Neville Wright

Charity Steward

Charity Newsletter No. 10

Lodge of Friendship No.928

Charity News Letter No.10

November 2015


Dear Brethren
Our festival for the RMTGB has only few more months to run before we celebrate our achievement. I had been told we only needed £3418.42 to receive the Festival Gold Honorific. But this was before had sent off our donation of £1543.43 after our last meeting. When this is applied we have £1975.49 to reach our Gold target. We apply Gift Aid (£493.87) we are left with £1481.62 to find. This time last year the gold award was but a dream but with your effort this could become a reality. There are social events planned in the coming year which will all help.
Those Brethren who have donated generously to the RMTGB and completed their regular donations may like to consider keeping the habit by starting a regular payment into the Grand Charity. This charity holds your donations until it is required to be sent to another charity or mini festival. Simple, just see me and we can arrange when you would like to start!
Once, again well done to you all.
W. Bro Neville Wright
Charity Steward