Lodge of Friendship No.928

Charity News Letter No.10

November 2015


Dear Brethren
Our festival for the RMTGB has only few more months to run before we celebrate our achievement. I had been told we only needed £3418.42 to receive the Festival Gold Honorific. But this was before had sent off our donation of £1543.43 after our last meeting. When this is applied we have £1975.49 to reach our Gold target. We apply Gift Aid (£493.87) we are left with £1481.62 to find. This time last year the gold award was but a dream but with your effort this could become a reality. There are social events planned in the coming year which will all help.
Those Brethren who have donated generously to the RMTGB and completed their regular donations may like to consider keeping the habit by starting a regular payment into the Grand Charity. This charity holds your donations until it is required to be sent to another charity or mini festival. Simple, just see me and we can arrange when you would like to start!
Once, again well done to you all.
W. Bro Neville Wright
Charity Steward