APRIL 2016

Dear Brethren,

May I take this opportunity to congratulate you on the Lodge achieving the Festival Gold honorific.  This was done with the Provincial allocation of £47.51 per subscribing Lodge Member as at 01/01/2010. At this time Lodge of Friendship had a membership of 33 Brethren.

October will see us celebrating the end of our Festival to the RMTGB, with a Festival Celebration on the 22nd October at the Bournemouth International Centre. Details can be found on the Provincial website . This will be the last specific Masonic Charity, as the next Festival will be for the Masonic Grand Charity.  This should prove to be a great night, and places are still available.

We still have our skittles night which is in support of the RMTGB but I do not think we will raise £7ks + to achieve Platinum!

Our next task is to continue the habit of donating to charity. Those who have completed their Regular donations to the RMTGB might like to continue by placing your donation into the Relief Chest. This is where we keep our donations, with a good rate of interest, for other worthy Masonic and non-Masonic causes. I do have the required forms for those wishing to make regular donations.

Once again thank you Brethren for your support and congratulations on your achievement.

Neville Wright

Charity Steward

Lodge of Friendship No.928