The Province of Hampshire and Isle of Wight festival, raised funds for the RMTGB. This means that the majority of each Lodges charitable giving was geared towards fund raising and making donations to the RMTGB throughout the period of the Festival, which ended in 2016. Our last Provincial Festival, which ended in 2005, was in aid of the New Masonic Samaritan Fund and the Freemasons throughout the province raised just under 7 million pounds. The New Festival raised a total of almost £8,000,000.

This Province also operates a number of Charity Funds, one of which is:

The Tom Langton Fund

Founded in 1985, to help local Charities who support disadvantaged children, vulnerable people and those with disabilities, youth organisations, local churches etc. The Fund has recently made a Grant to the Bordon air cadets, to help them after their premises were recently broken into. Since it started, the Fund has awarded over £500,000 to over 1000 causes.

You can find out more on the Provincial Charity by clicking on this link

Provincial Charity