Lodge of Friendship 928

Charity News Letter No.9

October 2015


Dear Brethren

I trust everyone is refreshed after the summer recess and looking forward to our Freemasonry. I have some good news in respect of our Festival. As of September we needed £5081 to achieve our Gold award. We apply Gift Aid (£1423) we are left with £3658 to find. Our Charity account is very healthy at present but we do have three proposals for the next meeting in October, namely £500 to Hannahs’ Holiday Homes, £250 for the Petersfield Girl Guides and £1500 to the RMTGB. This will leave our Charity Account with around £1000 in the “kitty”. We could put this to the RMTGB but if we did then the cupboard would be bare. Not a good idea, as we still have a year to run in the Festival with fund raising events planned and there may local charities in need of our assistance. We can yet make Gold!

The raffle, at our last meeting raised £160, the sale of the RMTGB diaries £15 and gift aid envelopes another £91. Thank you once again for your continued support.

I shall be away for the next meeting but look forward to being with you all again in December.

W. Bro Neville Wright

Charity Steward